Todayʼs world cities are experiencing demographic changes with increased local populations. This demographic change includes the increase of different cultural backgrounds as well as the increased presence of foreigners in specific city areas. The presence of numerous multiethnic groups brings very often to the constitution of neighborhoods and quarters characterized by a variegated identity. The formation of urban areas where different cultures are used to cohabit, collaborate and dialogue together, contributes to the affirmation of new communities. As consequence, those communities very often become more active, present,

and autonomous in these territories. For this reason, aspects such as the conformation of an urban area, the activities proposed in its spaces, the involvement of citizens in its develop, can massively contribute to the quality of relations between residents and their cultures. ‘UrbanBuds’ uses the concept of food as a sign of cultural identity. The very interesting thing about food concerns the aspect of personalization, since all the people involved in this type of activity make their personality visible through gardening. The design involves the metaphor of a suitcase as a symbol of cultural background. We all are use to say THAT WHEREVER WE

we move we bring with us our backpack of experiences.

The design takes influence from this picture and transforms the products in movable suitcases to fill up with soil. Families can grow vegetables and fruit on each side of the bags: each one of them allows growing about twenty different plants, which can also grow vertically along the fabric. Unloved, left over, transit spaces, can become excellent opportunities to introduce this project to the inhabitants. People can transform those unused spaces in areas completely dedicate to the socialization.

/ UNRBAN BUDS / CLIENT: SELF INITIATED / YEAR: 2009 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////