The production of energy to pay has brought people to massively abuse of our planet resources. Contemporary houses are fULL of electronical devices that are constantly connected to the electric grid. Most of those devices live mostly of their life in a state of continuous standby. The 80% of population ignores the consumption of energy WHICH is necessary to power up simple devices as a radio, a TV, a LED lamp. “Unplugged” wants to STIMULATE a reflection on the theme of energy consumption. Through thE argument I wISH to evoke an ipotetic future SCENARIO, where available resources WOULD not anymore enough to please ALL population requests.

I EVOKED THE PICTURE OF A post-industrial background where architectonical carcasses of a civilization in decline wOULD emerge from a scenario of complete abandonment. This wOULD be the context where people will have to discover different energy production’s methods. The auto-production of energy would become the only appropriate and respectful way that could save the Earth and respect its cycles of replenishment of resources. “The Pedalator” and “The Table Crank” are the first two prototypes that stimulate a question: how much hard work do you need to power up a LED bulb? “The TablE Crank” is a table lamp, that can be activateD through the Rotation of A

crank locateD on the top of ITS base. Four or five munutes of manual charge are enough to offer almost half an hour of light. Similar is the case of ‘The Pedalator, a machine that every five minutes of pedaling produce an hour of light. The produced energy is store in a battery, which allow the user to swich the lamps off or on in different times. The pieces are all made of wood, natural ceramic without varnish, aluminum.

/ UNPLUGGED / CLIENT: ROSSANA ORLANDI / YEAR: 2010 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////