The Trace series of outdoor lamps sees designers revisit the same theme as the previous Trap Light, this time with a completely new material investigation and design. Using photoluminescent pigments in combination with polyurethane rubbers, hand made photoluminescent skins are developed to convert waste energy back into visible light. As darkness descends, a ghostly light TRACE is REVEALED as the high concen-

tration of photoluminescent pigments radiate recycled light energy as an intense, ambient glow. Trace S and Trace M, are charged either by the provided LED 5 W light bulb or natural solar energy. Harnessing the natural power of the sun’s rays, and indeed any light in close proximity, Trace L shuns the use of electricity altogether, creating an intense ambient glow from recycled sunlight.

Materials: Polyurethane rubber, chromed / brushed steel, textile electricity cord.

Dimensions: Trace S: D 290 mm / Trace M: D 700 mm / Trace L: D 1500 mm / Trace Aplique: D 290 mm, L 600 mm