/ SVITATO / CLIENT: SELF INITIATED / YEAR: 2009 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

“svitato” is A PROJECT INVESTIGATING people attitude OF SUBSTITUTING daily objects, SUCH AS cutlery, cup sets and tableware pieces, in relation to the welcomed guests.

instead of the cup, The handleS become the emblem of a touchable luxury. A symbol that MIGHT become more or less precious AS SOON handles are REPLACED.

the set is composed of four cups and three different materials for the handles: a plain steel, a copper, a silver and a golden one. not only the material, but also their finishing (determined from the production methods) defines the level of luxury of the set that will be finally composed.

The production method used for this serie of pieces consists in a casting into a second casting.

Before, cups are casted with liquid clay into a mold; then, after baking and glazing, a second plastic cast is made into the socket that welcomes the handle.