The idea for the project came after the decision to investigate what happen around a chair. Not just on the top, but also behind, at its side and under a chair. For families or people that live with a dog in the house, I thought it was interesting to create an object of interaction, a type of element that: allows people to sit and, at the same time, suggests to a dog to walk and sit below it.

The idea takes inspiration from the usual habit of dogs to sit under chairs when somebody is eating, talking at the table, or watching a movie at the tv. The design of the chair is inspired from the archetype of a tunnel, as an architectonical element that gives the feeling of a structure made to be crossed.

The piece is made from four laser-cutted and folded brushed aluminum pieces. The thickness of the aluminum is of four MM.

in order to guarantee a stable chair for everyone All of the junctions are fixed together through aluminum rivets.

It’s possible to order ‘Bau!Haus, with a brown-leather saddle to be applyed on the top of the seat.



/ BAU!HAUS / CLIENT: SELF INITIATED / YEAR: 2009 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////